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I wanted to congratulate Linda Kreinup on her hard work and dedication. She competed for her first time at the age of 56. She asked me for help this summer and ended up on stage!!!! Don't ever think you are too old to start working out or competing.
Congratulations Linda-I'm very proud of you.


Monster Mash 2005

This was the most fun I have ever had at a show!!! For those of you not familiar w/ the Monster Mash, you dress in a costume for the evening show. The show is always Halloween weekend. I placed in the top 10 and dressed up as Jenny Hendershott at the evening show!!!! I drove out in her Hummer and High Roller costume. People couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe I fit in the costume:) I already have ideas for next year!!!!
I also want to send a CONGRATULATIONS out to my friend, Sue Dudgeon for completing her first show at the age of 48. Sue is a firefighter and county coroner. Sue helped rescue me from the Ohio River when I was in a deadly boating accident. This was the least I could do for her.

Well that is all the shows for me, until Spring. It's time to spend time w/ family and friends. I will be enjoying my food for the next 8 weeks. Hope to see you at a "Phat Camp" in 06.

Happy Holidays,

2005 NPC Natural Northern USA October 1, 2005

Well, I can scratch off another goal on my list. I competed 6 months after having baby Izabella:) I also met another figure competitor, who was a new mom of a 7 month old. They need a class for moms who have children under 1 year old:) I did not place in the top 5 but that was alright.

I received numerous compliments from competitors and spectators about carrying around my 6 month old. Some people didn't believe she was mine. Those compliments were worth more than a trophy. I was very proud to say I gained 58 pounds and I trained & dieted damn hard to get it off.

I also want to send a huge Thank You to Vince Luchka for taking these pictures and Rebecca Konn for letting stay at her house for the weekend. She supplied me w/ great pizza and Cold Stone ice cream after the show. I also want to thank Jenny Hendershott for her support/diet and training schedule. Last but not least Kenny, I couldn't do it w/out his support at home and w/ the baby.

I'll be competing again October 29th at the Monster Mash-stay tuned for details....





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